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You've moved the old furniture from one room to another and it's finally in the basement, just taking up space. Time to get rid of it. Time to trim the clutter from both your home or office AND your mind.

Stop fussing about it and call us to have it removed. Gone is the clutter and gone is the stress when. Company name comes to your rescue.

We have years of experience and furniture we remove includes:

Old Bed Removal

Mattress Removal

Patio Furniture Removal

Chairs & Loveseats

Table Removal

Couch Removal

Dresser Removal

Desk Removal and many more....

We work with both residential and commercial customers to provide their furniture removal. We will pick up furniture from anywhere in our service area. In any case, no job is too large or too small for our service.

We are always open about our fees. The charges are calculated based on volume - how much space does the junk furniture occupy in our trucks.

Our advantages are:

We do everything. All the lifting and loading

It takes less than 30 minutes

We’ll safely haul it out of wherever it is

Clean up the area

Properly dispose of it and recycle everything we can

Our Furniture Removal and Donation Services involve hauling away furniture of any and all types, often donating them to charity on your behalf. A large part of our business involves the removal of furniture.

Give us a call when you need furniture removed, items packed or stored in any of our relocation options. We have the necessary resources to carefully move your prized possessions from one location to another.

Contact us for more information at (240) 702-2135.


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